Advantages of Outsourcing Your Back Office Support Needs

Many companies overlook the amount of time and money spent on back-office support tasks as these administrative duties don’t always seem like much to handle.  However, as your small business grows in scale, your employees are forced to allocate more and more time to admin work instead of activities that add value to your business.  It’s estimated that Fortune 500 companies waste approximately $480 billion on back-office tasks completed by employees.

Often back-office processes become inefficient as companies scale.  These inefficiencies take up important time that should be spent focused on strategic aspects of business like sales and marketing.  While specific back-office needs differ between companies, outsourcing can be the answer regardless of the industry.  No matter the size of your company, there are many advantages to outsourcing back-office support functions.

An article titled The Advantages of Outsourcing Your Back Office Support Needs lists the following benefits:

  • Cutting Costs – factor in costs like labor, employee turnover, investment in new technology, training – all these items yield a very high cost.  By choosing to outsource, you can utilize an existing, well-trained infrastructure of professionals at a much lower labor cost.
  • Reinvest in your Business – outsourcing allows you to reinvest not only the money saved from a lower cost of labor, but also your time into value-added strategic priorities.
  • Gain Quality Talent Dedicated to Your Company – especially when considering the current shortages in the U.S. labor market, finding skilled, experienced potential employees can be tough.  Outsourcing provides administrative experts highly trained in the latest technology, tools and best practices to streamline your administrative needs.
  • Concentrate on Core Competencies – focus on the growth of your business as opposed to time consuming back-office tasks.  By placing these crucial but secondary processes with trusted, trained, outsourced professionals, your team can focus on what they do best (creating a happier group of employees as a bonus!).

At Process-Smart, back-office support is provided through data entry and management, online research, virtual assistance, bookkeeping/accounting, website development, IT support, HR/recruiting assistance, and more.  We are excited to offer a free pilot program to help you experience the advantages of outsourcing with us.  Please contact us at the below email and phone number to discuss a solution tailored to your business.