ERP Schedule Updates

We engaged technical resources and training capabilities to enable client schedule transition optimization.

In this case, a client possessing seasonal contracts used an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that could only hold a single schedule at any one time. As a result, this meant that on October 1, literally all schedules would have to change overnight.

Unfortunately, the software used was set so that schedules were intended to be uploaded via user interface (UI) and were not done so successfully. This created a spike of work that needed to happen in a few hours.

The Process-Smart Approach

Utilizing our flexible capacity at Process-Smart, we engaged 30 individuals to assist with the needed schedule transition. We facilitated training and preparation for all parties prior to arriving at the critical juncture. Then, after the end of the business day, directed them to enter-in several thousand schedules to meet the requirement on-time.

Engaging our technical resources and training capabilities allowed us to deliver on this time-sensitive request and enabled our client to optimize their schedule transition.