Dental Offices

Running a dental office is no easy task.  From billing, to insurance, receivables, not to mention patient care the whole process can be intense and time consuming.  

How can we help?  We can partner to handle some of the day-to-day operations on your behalf, so you can deliver the best of oral health care service to your clients. 

What we do

Join the league of professional dentists that depend on our expertise to get results in the following areas.

  • First touch Receivable follow-up
  • Bookkeeping Support
  • A/P
  • General Back Office Operations

How we can help:

We partner with college educated service providers from around the planet to deliver support for your back office.  Through a combination of Software, Business Process Outsourcing, and smart process design we can streamline your operations.  Don’t hire that extra FTE when you need more than a person, but less than a team.