Laundry Services (coin and card op) in the USA

Laundry services are still one of the best businesses to support residents in the country.  It is one of the few businesses in the US that has a 95% success rate. More so, the return on investment from the business is massive with over 20% to 30% in the first year alone. 

However, it is a lot of work!   Like any other business, laundry services face issues that affect their productivity. Every day, as a laundry service owner, you juggle issues bordering around human resources, logistics, payments while trying to deal with your customers. Allow us to handle your financial services for you while you handle your core business. Like you know, laundry services deal with time. We are here to help you meet up your deadlines while offering the best services to your clients.   

What we do

At Process-Smart, we offer a wide range of expert services for laundry services that operate with coin and card in the following areas:

  • Bookkeeping for cash and card operations
  • KPI reporting on a machine basis
  • A/P
  • General Back Office operations

How can we help?

As a team, we have worked with multiple businesses including laundry services . We know how to reduce non-strategic activity time so you can spend the time growing your business.  We will help you create valuable solutions to all challenges while also helping you detect possible issues that you might have in the future. 

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